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PornHub had transfer average of 209GB per second in 2019

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PornHub teve média de transferência de 209GB por segundo em 2019

PornHub wants to share something with you, but calm down, it's not any of your leaked video, it's the site numbers during the year 2019 that kept the portal in the top 50 virtual addresses in the world. There were 6,597 petabytes transferred during the year, 18,073 terabytes per day, 753,041 gigabytes per hour and, finally, 209GB per second.

The shared graph also shows that the adult video platform had 42 billion hits, of which 115 billion hits per day, an undoubtedly impressive figure for any web address, enviable even for the largest internet portals.

Good, love, like, sexy, pretty and nice were the most commented words throughout the year on the site.

The statistics were shared on the site itself, you can visit that is safe, and indicates much more about what the year was like for PornHub. There were about 39 billion searches, with 6.83 million videos uploaded.

Pornhub wants to buy Verizon's Tumblr
and "restore the site to its former glory"

It was about 1.36 million hours of new content, which would take 169 million years to see. "If you started watching videos uploaded in 2019 by 1850, you would still be watching them today," the site said. But in this case, what would draw the most attention would be the type of content at that time.

Of the huge amount of videos, there were 203 million likes or deslikes, with more than 70 million messages sent between users registered on the site. Video comments were 11.5 million, with more than 98,000 amateurs participating in videos in the most varied plots.

PornHub had transfer average of 209GB per second in 2019

Numbers were also shared per minute, highlighting the site's internal social network, which had 134 messages sent per minute, with 612 new users being followed, 343 friend requests and 14,799 profiles being visited.

Source: PornHub.com (safe)
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