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Play Store Apps & Games Get Great Black Friday Discounts

by ace
Aplicativos e jogos da Play Store estão com ótimos descontos de Black Friday

Black Friday is the period that many wait throughout the year to take advantage of good discounts on replacing that broken-screen smartphone and addicted battery you can't take anymore, that responsive upgrade on your Gamer PC, to buy the 4K LED TV you dated the whole year. Not only physical products that Black Friday lives, but also PC games (Steam that says), console games, apps and mobile apps. And in this last item, the Play Store is making several discounts on some apps and games. Check out some good offers below:

tinyCam PRO – Swiss Knife to IP Cam Monitor: $ 5.99 for $ 4.49

The program helps you control your network or IP cameras, video encoders and DVRs with CCTV cameras.

Dragon Drum Machine – Synth drums for Android: $ 3.99

Dragon is an electronic sampler that can produce different beats and edit them in real time. The batteries are simple and are capable of producing the most popular electronic beats. Each effect is synthesized in real time and can be sent to the equipment.

Floating Apps (multitasking): $ 4.99 for $ 6.99

Floating Apps enables your application windows to behave the same way as your computer's operating system window manager, allowing you to handle multiple applications at the same time.

Lara Croft GO: $ 10.99 for $ 4.99

Lara Croft GO is a turn-based puzzle and adventure game by the protagonist of the Tomb Raider saga set in a forgotten world based on the game and movie franchise.

Magibot: $ 9.99 for $ 3.59

In Magibot you follow the adventures of ILO, a small magical robot sent by humans to a planet of last resort. The game combines platform elements with strategy.

Persephone from $ 14.90 to $ 3.59

Persephone is a classic isometric puzzle game that has over 60 challenges in 5 different worlds, each with unique mechanisms.

If you want to take advantage of one of these promotions, run because prices may return to their original value at any time. If you find another promotion that isn't here, share it with us in the comments.

Source: wccftech
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