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Pentagon creates new headquarters for European operations

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Pentagon creates new headquarters for European operations


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The US Army has announced the creation of a General Staff with an additional operational command post in Europe.

The US Army created a complementary headquarters to coordinate operations with its allies in Europe, which would be located in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

The news was released by the US Army Press Office on Tuesday, February 11.

"The V Corps will consist of about 635 military personnel, of whom about 200 will be assigned on a rotating basis, to the operational command post in Europe. The Corps headquarters are expected to become operational in the fall of 2020", informed the army.

According to the American high command, the creation of a new General Staff would allow to better implement the strategy of national defense of the United States in general and the interests of Washington and its allies in Europe in particular.

The Wall Street Journal notes that this novelty would be an attempt to face possible threats from Russia.

US Army Corps Staff

Currently, the United States Army has three General Staffs – that of the First Corps, III Corps and XVIII Corps – that serve as command posts for the theaters of operations in which its forces are involved.

The Staff of the First Corps is based in Fort Lewis, Washington; that of the III Corps in Fort Hood, Texas; and finally the 18th century in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

The V Corps already existed in the US Army, having been decommissioned in September 2013. Its headquarters were in Wiesbaden, Germany, it was created in the aftermath of the two world wars and was active during the Cold War.

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