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Oppo vice president says the company will develop its own chips

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Vice-presidente da Oppo diz que a empresa desenvolverá seus próprios chips

After announcing its augmented reality glasses and its plans to diversify its product line, Oppo made another interesting announcement. During OPPO INNO Day 2019, Liu Chang, vice president of Oppo, said in an interview that the company is already able to develop its own chips and products with them should hit the market in the near future.


Handset will be officially unveiled in December

It's no secret that Oppo had been trying to make its own chips, but no one expected such a quick announcement. The company registered the trademark “OPPO M1” in November and is likely to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in 2020.

Oppo has invested heavily in research and development, so the announcement doesn't come as a surprise. For example, VOOC charger chips were independently developed by the company.

Oppo's entry into the chip business will bring major changes to its products. A proprietary chip will result in better communication between your products, similar to what happens with Apple and its products.

Specific details about the OPPO M1 specifications are still unknown, but some information may be released in early 2020.

Now that the company has formally acknowledged the chip's existence, information is likely to be released during the Mobile World Congress or during the 2020 Semicon China event scheduled for March.


Upcoming Exynos will be powered by CPUs developed by ARM

According to Liu, it is very important that Oppo be able to produce its own chips soon. He says developing their own chips will allow them to do business with more partners and demand more in return.

Chip companies are not very close to consumers, but their products are an integral part of the user experience, so Oppo wants to make its own chips to better meet the needs of its users.



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