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One in four young people have troubled relationship with smartphones

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Um em cada quatro jovens possui relação problemática com smartphones

A study published in BMC Psychiatry points out that one in four young people have smartphone problems that can lead to depression and anxiety. The survey was conducted with data from 41 studies, comprising about 42,000 respondents under the age of 20 from Europe, Asia and America. In the end, the team found that 23% of participants have a dysfunctional relationship with their cell phone, which may be associated with mental health problems.

According to the findings of the survey, overuse is more common in users with higher purchasing power, low self-esteem or higher levels of loneliness. One of the factors that was also identified in some of the young people with problematic relationship with the cell phone is the adoption of new technologies that have not yet hit (the "early adopters").


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In addition, the survey found that internet addicts are primarily interested in Facebook. Dysfunctional users also tend to make compulsive purchases and consume high levels of alcohol and cigarettes. Regarding mental problems, the survey found patterns that link excessive use of mobile and technological devices with the development of depression, anxiety, stress and lack of sleep.

As the study was based on materials previously collected between 2011 and 2017, the database is not as up to date, so much so that the surveyors themselves are aware of it. According to the co-author of the survey, Nicola J. Kalk, the evidence found is still poor but serves as a guide for a problem that deserves attention. "It seems that a substantial minority of teenagers and young people from many different countries are reporting a pattern of behavior that we recognize from other addictions," the expert explains.

That is, even if the results seem worrying, further research is still needed to conclude if there is even a relationship between mobile phone use and the growth of mental illness.

Via: Fudzilla Source: BMC Psychiatry
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