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Nubank promotion will draw $ 50,000 prizes, see how to participate

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Promoção do Nubank vai sortear prêmios de R$50 mil, veja como participar

Nubank has launched a promotion for those who already have a Nuconta, in total will be drawn 10 prizes, participants have until December 31 to participate. To get coupons you need to follow the step by step below:

1. Open the Nubank app on your mobile.
2. Tap your name.
3. Enter "Join the promo".
4. Click on "Join".

After registration, simply use the bank card in the credit or debit function. Purchases in these modalities are worth 1 lucky number, approach purchases are worth 2 lucky numbers.

The company did not disclose what are the prizes, only that will be 10 and the value of $ 50 thousand, in the description is explained that can be a renovation in the winner's house, take a trip, etc.

The draw will be held by the Federal Lottery on February 1, 2020 or on the following date if it is not possible to perform on this date. Each competitor will have their eight-digit lucky numbers, for example: 123 / 45,678. The draw of these numbers on February 1 follows the following procedure:

First three digits:
It will be the combination of the dozen from the first to the third prize of the federal lottery.

Last five digits:
It will be the unit house combination of the first to fifth prize of the federal lottery.

Federal Lottery draw example:

In this case, the first winning number of the promotion would be: 621 / 81,395. The other winners will be the next nine numbers in the sequence. In the example above, it would be: 621 / 81,396, 621 / 81,397, 621 / 81,398, (…)

Winners will be informed by email or phone registered in the bank application. Product delivery will be in the form of WOW, a way for the company to gift its customers, the award does not follow a standard and may be the most varied. The Commercial Promotion is authorized by SECAP of the Ministry of Economy with Authorization Certificate No. 04.006348 / 2019.

Source: Nubank
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