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North Korea announces resumption of nuclear tests

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North Korea announces resumption of nuclear tests


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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said Pyongyang is abandoning defaults on nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile testing, state media reported on Wednesday.

"There is no reason for us to be unilaterally stuck with the compromise," Kim told KCNA. "The world will witness a new strategic weapon to be possessed by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the near future."

Kim declared in 2018 that North Korea no longer needed nuclear testing or intercontinental ballistic missiles. This new statement threatens to undermine Pyongyang-Washington nuclear diplomacy over the past two years, reports AFP.

Negotiations between the two countries have been virtually at a standstill since the Hanoi summit in February, and the North Koreans said the United States would have until the end of the year to offer new concessions, or the country would take a "new path." .

Kim's statement to a full plenary of the Workers Party central committee made it clear that North Korea is willing to live under international sanctions to preserve its nuclear capability.

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