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NFL asks Google to remove sites using VPN services

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NFL pede que Google remova sites com uso de serviços VPN

The United States Professional Football League (NFL) is asking Google to remove VPN-related URLs from its browser. According to a recent request, these sites promote the use of VPN services to illegally stream NFL games. Requests indicate that Google has left most "illegal" URLs in search results.

Although VPN services are privacy and security tools on the Internet, there are cases that allow you to bypass geographical restrictions. This feature is used so that, with VPNs, the user has access to content that is not available in their country. Apparently, this kind of tool has been bothering the NFL, which realized that its transmissions were being pirated.


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Using VPNs, access to illegal content is normal. Many people can access the American Netflix library from another country, for example. Because of this, it has become common for content providers to be increasingly banning the use of these URLs.

An official notice has been sent to Google on behalf of the NFL. The complaint in question did not mention which broadcasts of the NFL games were being hacked, but requested the removal of multiple VPN-related URLs. According to the request, "VPN sites promote the use of their software to illegally stream NFL games."

Because VPN can "unlock" content in some cases, they would in some way be ignoring NFL's technical protection measures (licenses), violating its terms of service. The URLs cited include the ExpressVPN VPN service, as well as various sites such as bestvpn.org, vpnspblog.com, vpnmentor.com, vpnfan.com, tomsguide.com, howtogeek.com, and technadu.com.

The Google company has not yet decided whether to remove the links, as it has not yet removed most of them. The only pages excluded from Google search results are thevpn.guru and flashrouters.com.

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