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Next major update to Windows 10 will change naming

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Próxima grande atualização do Windows 10 terá mudança na nomenclatura

Microsoft has announced that the next major Windows 10 update will be released with the code name Windows 10 v2004. Confirmation came through the Insider Program.

Numbering may be somewhat odd, but the company explained its decision. Major feature upgrades typically follow a naming pattern xx03 and xx09, where 'xx' is the last two digits of the year in which the version in question is released. If the company kept the default, next year's update would be the v2003 update – a fact that could cause confusion, for example, with Windows Server 2003.

"We chose to use 2004 as the release to eliminate confusion with earlier product names (such as Windows Server 2003)," Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager for the Windows Insider team, explained in a post on blog from the company.


Windows 7 will stop receiving support from Microsoft from January 2020

As Computerworld points out, naming Windows 10 feature updates has been inaccurate for some time. Windows 10 1607, for example, arrived on August 2, 2016, when it should come in July. Updates 1703 and 1803 were released in April, while 1903 was released in May. None of them appeared in March.

Based on this lack of standardization, it could not be said for certain that Windows 10 2004 will be released in April 2020.

Bug fixes, operating system search enhancements, support for more kaomojis, Windows Subsystem for Linux enhancements, Task Manager GPU temperature display support, new hybrid use experience are expected for this new update. (laptops that can be used as tablets and notebooks), support for cloud PC restore, support for virtual desktops, and more.

Via: Adrenaline, Computerworld
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