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New York City Councilors Advocate for Drones to Inspect Buildings

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Vereadores de Nova York defendem uso de drones para inspecionar construções

City councilors and other politicians in New York City are suggesting that drones be used to inspect buildings with a high risk of accidents. That demand became stronger after the death of well-known architect Erica Tishman, who was struck by pieces of the facade of a building in central Manhattan.


The company is operating a single eight-minute flight in New York.

Using drones to perform safety inspections could prevent such accidents from happening in the future. But today this is impossible because of a law banning the use of drones in New York.

If the new law is successfully passed and sanctioned, it would require drone inspections to be made within 48 hours of a building complaint or security breach. The legislation would also allow drones to be used by the municipal housing administration to inspect buildings.

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"This is not a toy but a tool. These tools will save us millions of dollars. It would also save time and, more importantly, it could actually save lives."
Eric Adams, President of Brooklyn Neighborhood

According to the Drone DJ website, the purpose of the new law is to make it possible to detect construction problems and potentially hazardous conditions in buildings already erected. That would prevent cases like Erica Tishman, who was struck last Tuesday, December 17, by debris from the facade of a building that had been fined in April for irregularities.

But for this situation to change, it is necessary to change the laws of New York. Today, it is illegal to use drones outside one of five dedicated zones in the city. Also, today there are not the number of inspectors that would be needed to handle the thousands of buildings that are irregular in the city – and therefore need to be inspected.

"In very recent conversations, one of the ideas we've come up with is to add more inspectors. This is just a small part of this strategy and a single component of what is really needed [to change this situation].
Robert Cornegy, New York City Councilor

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