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New version of Samsung Galaxy Buds earphones may have more capacity battery

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Nova versão dos fones Samsung Galaxy Buds pode ter bateria com mais capacidade

When Samsung finally announces its Galaxy S11 smartphone, the company may also announce a new version of the Galaxy Buds wireless headset – which may or may not be called Galaxy Buds 2.

The first version of Galaxy Buds headsets was released as a successor to Gear IconX headsets, which were released in 2018 by the South Korean company. Galaxy Buds are currently available in Brazil for $ 899.


Devices coming soon focused on active life and are now available in Brazilian stores

Information about Samsung's new wireless headsets recently appeared on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website and one of them is that the new headsets can bring better battery life than the current version.

The new earphones were listed on the agency's website under model number SM-R175, with documentation mentioning Bluetooth connectivity and a larger capacity battery than found in the current version.

More specifically, the diagram indicating where the FCC label should appear on the new Galaxy Buds shows the 300mA capacity battery earphones and the 600mA capacity battery case:

An important detail is that the numbers shown in the FCC documentation cannot be considered definitive. In the case of the original Galaxy Buds, model SM-R170, the FCC listing apparently indicated a larger battery capacity than offered in the final version of the product.

The FCC website does not feature official photos of the new headsets, and Samsung may still make some design changes to improve wearing comfort. As the company plans to announce the Galaxy S11 in February, it is quite possible that the new headphones will be announced on the same date.

Source: The verge, Droid Life, FCC (1), FCC (2)
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