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New Twitter Update Fixes Serious Security Flaw

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Nova atualização do Twitter corrige falha de segurança grave

If the Twitter app on your phone has not yet had the update enabled, it is good to rush to update, the company has reported that it has fixed a serious security hole recently. The company says its network had a vulnerability issue that allowed others to break into a user's account by sending messages and acting normally.

"We recently fixed a Twitter for Android vulnerability that allowed a malicious agent to view non-public account information or control their account (that is, send tweets or direct messages)."
Twitter in official note on Social Network Blog

According to the social network, before the fix, it was possible to have access to direct messages, protected tweets, location information and more. To do this, the company says it was necessary to go through a complicated process involving the insertion of malicious code into restricted storage areas of the Twitter application.

It was also stressed that there was no evidence that this code was inserted into the application or that this vulnerability was exploited, but neither can be guaranteed with "absolute certainty", says in the post, and so extra care is being taken.

"We have taken steps to address this issue and directly notify people who could have been exposed to this vulnerability through the Twitter application or by email with specific instructions to keep them safe. These instructions vary by version of Android and Twitter for Android that people are using. We recommend that people follow these instructions as soon as possible. If you don't know what to do, upgrade to the latest version of Twitter for Android. This issue did not affect Twitter for iOS. "
Official Twitter Note

Interestingly, even though it's a complicated process, as mentioned, access to an account with many followers can have a big impact, a public figure or even a business can be greatly hampered and are usually targeted. Small accounts rarely experience such issues or are targeted by high level hackers as this Twitter breach suggests. A breach of this type may have been used to hack into Huawei Brazil's account, for example, something that Chinese company investigates.

Source: Twitter
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