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New spider named after actor Joaquin Phoenix due to similarity…

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Scientists at the University of Turku in Finland have found a new species of spider that was named after Hollywood actor Joaquin Phoenix.

According to researchers, it was quite challenging to discover this species of arthropod, since these spiders spend most of their lives in underground nests. On the surface, these insects spend a short period of only three weeks.

The arthropod has a red and white pattern on the outside of the body, which resembles the makeup worn by Phoenix in the film “Joker”, where he played the famous villain.

“Recently, my colleague and I named a new species of spiders of this genus discovered in Iran from Loureedia phoenixi in honor of the actor, producer and animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix, who starred in the main character in the 2019 film ‘Joker’, in reference to the body pattern of the new species, which resembles the famous facial makeup of that character,” commented one of the study’s authors Alireza Zamani, who is an arachnologist and taxonomist at the University of Turku in Finland, commented. Writes LiveScience portal.

The newly discovered spider, Loureedia phoenixi, was found in Iran and became the first species of this genus to be identified outside the Mediterranean region.


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