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New Elementary OS 5.1 'Hera' Released with Enhanced Flatpak Support

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Novo Elementary OS 5.1

Very pleased that the distribution team Linux Elementary OS has officially announced its new version of the system, Elementary OS 5.1 'Hera'. A major operating system update that incorporates several enhancements and updates, as well as new features. These new features include the best Flatpak support.

The Elementary team is very concerned about integrating applications with the 'clean' look of the operating system, always looking to 'align' both for a better visual experience. This version would be no different and it was a year of hard work for the system to fix the problems of the previous version, but without losing this remarkable feature of the operating system.

Flatpak support, long awaited by system users, ensures greater user and system security. It also makes it easy to install apps that aren't available in the system app store, AppCenter, but are essential for some daily tasks.

So that the user does not have to run commands on the terminal to install applications via Flatpak, Elementary OS 5.1 comes with Sideload, a graphical utility that facilitates the installation process with a single mouse click. Added to this feature, AppCenter now allows apps installed via FlatPak to be managed by it, just as 'conventional' apps from official repositories.

"Instead of encouraging users to go to a terminal, add inherently insecure PPAs, or install packages that end up gaining root access to the system, we created a new basic operating system utility called Sideload to greatly facilitate Flatpak application sideload" – Cassidy James Blaede, co-founder and elementary CXO.

AppCenter has received several improvements that make it 10 times faster than its previous version. It also gained a loading animation of the screenshots of the listed apps, enhanced offline support and new navigation buttons.

The first change the user will notice when starting the system for the first time is the new Elementary OS 5.1 welcome screen. It has been completely redesigned presenting the main adjustments that the user can already make in the system.

The login screen has also been redesigned, with Caps and Num Lock notifier, clearer and much more intuitive layout to switch between system users. The system settings panel has also received several improvements in virtually all of its options. And as usual in new versions of Linux distributions, there is also better hardware support, security updates and an updated kernel.

If you want to try the system on your computer, you can download the system .iso file from official site and burn it to a flash drive or DVD. They adopt a policy in which the user can pay as much as he or she wants (including nothing) to use the operating system as well as programs considered 'cured' by the Elementary OS team. These 'cured' applications are carefully crafted by external developers, following a pattern that ensures system-aligned visual identity and better integration.

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