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Natal: 80% of Brazilians plan to buy via apps

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Natal: 80% dos brasileiros planejam comprar via aplicativos

According to Salesforce's “Connected Shoppers Report” study, 80% of Brazilian consumers plan to shop via apps, and 68% are expected to buy more from Marketplaces. The survey also shows that Brazilians have as main decision factors for purchases during the period stores that offer free shipping, promotional codes and sales via apps. This last point, by the way, should be a point of attention for companies.

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Brands need to prepare their Apps for high demand during holiday shopping, so it's important to have pre-tests such as promotions before the holiday shopping season. This allows you to test App performance, identify and correct errors to be 100% on peak days. Other points of attention with Apps are Layout, the simpler and clearer the better; and navigation, which needs to be simple, fluid and intuitive.

Held by Salesforce, the third edition of the Connected Shoppers Report surveyed 10,000 consumers in more than 20 countries – Salesforce's largest consumer survey ever – focusing on the current status of the relationship between sellers and buyers. In Brazil, more than 500 people were interviewed, the result pointed to a change in consumer behavior as they migrate to the digital environment as they browse, buy and request service or support at digital touchpoints that are completely separate from commerce. physicist.

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