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NASA shares mysterious geoglyph PHOTO on Australian plateau

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NASA shares mysterious geoglyph PHOTO on Australian plateau

The figure, located on a plateau in southern Australia, has long been a tourist attraction in the country, but was first found in 1998, and evidence points to it being made in recent times.

NASA published on Sunday (29) a photo of Australia with a geoglyph nicknamed "Man of Marree" (Marree is the name of a village 60 kilometers east of the site). "Stuart Giant" is another of their names. The outline of the geoglyph is about 3.5 kilometers long.

View of Giant Geoglyph in Australia.

The "Marree Man", located on a plateau, was originally sighted by a pilot on June 26, 1998, and investigations have since failed to establish who was its author and what its purpose was, says the daily The Epoch Times.

The figure represents an Aboriginal man, but it is an anomaly in the Australian landscape, as studies have shown that it was "built" relatively recently.

Despite some bizarre theories, one of the most plausible was that an Australian artist, Bardius Goldberg, who had expressed an interest in creating visible space art, had done the work, but he refused to assume or deny authorship until his death in 2002. Other theories are that the Australian or US military had been the creators, according to a agency Australian travel agency.

Real clues?

Anonymous information sent to the media shortly after the discovery pointed out that it had been made by a non-Australian, with evidence such as indication of measurements in the imperial rather than metric as in Australia, and the existence of an inscription with non-Australian expressions.

No one has an explanation for various objects found in a nearby grave: a satellite photo of the attraction, a jug with a small US flag, and a note for a cult based in the US state of Texas.

In January 1999 authorities found a plaque near the head of the figure with the US flag, the Olympic rings and an English quote from Australian zoologist Herbert Finlayson: "In honor of the land they once knew. Their achievements in these pursuits are extraordinary; a constant source of wonder and wonder. " Some suspect that all these "clues" are a ploy to divert people from the true reason for their creation.

Since then, the site has been a tourist magnet, but the figure's design has eroded over the years, so local businessmen "restored" the work in 2016, something the recent photo proves to have been a success.

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