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NAND Memories Can Get Up to 40% More Expensive by 2020 – Is It Time to Buy !?

by ace
Memórias NAND podem ficar até 40% mais caras em 2020 - É a hora para comprar!?

For those who haven't bought an SSD yet or are interested in more RAM, it's best to hurry. According to DigiTimes sources, NAND flash memory prices could rise by 40% by 2020. A DRAMeXchange survey also bet that DRAM will be up to 5% more expensive in the first quarter of the year.

To better understand, NAND memory is a type of storage that is present in most current SSDs. If its price goes up, then that of SSDs also increases.


NVMe, SATA, PCIe 4.0, PCIe 3.0, AHCI, HD, SSHD, we compare them all in various scenarios

Last year was a great time to buy these components, as both DRAM and NAND had big price cuts. However, the situation will change and the factors for this are various: supply and demand, problems in the supply of materials, etc. As a very recent example, we have the incident that happened on December 31st at one of Samsung's factories. The site had a one-minute light drop and was stationary for three days. The reason would have been a failure in the regional transmission cable.

The event alone can greatly impact this market, as Samsung is the largest memory maker today. In addition, the manufacturing of these products is very sensitive to power supply instabilities, and any small problem can mean wasted lots.

The few seconds the Hwaseong plant went out of power could result in a million dollar loss. To get a sense of size, Samsung suffered something similar in 2018, with a 30-minute drop and $ 43.32 million less in revenue.

And besides, we have the next generation consoles. Sony and Microsoft have already confirmed that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, respectively, will feature SSDs. If this price increase does indeed occur, it is possible that the impact will also hit video games. But here we are dealing with speculation.

In the last Adrenaline videocast, we commented a bit about the SSD market in 2019. You can check this out from 24 minutes:

Via: Adrenaline
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