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Mysterious drone swarms in Colorado are creating bizarre theories

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Mysterious drone swarms in Colorado are creating bizarre theories


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While US officials apparently remain in the dark about the nature of strange drone flights, online inquiring minds have come up with a host of theories, conspiracies, and other deductions.

Officials in several Colorado counties have begun to investigate the causes of unusual drone sightings. Local residents reported seeing unidentified flying objects during this week, account to FOX31.

As Sheriff Jon Stivers explained to the broadcaster, drones were generally seen flying in formations between 6 pm and 10 pm local time.

"I received reports that spoke from six (drones) to 12. One person believed it was over 12, close to 30. It seemed like several of them were flying together in three or four pairs," he said.

We are aware and have been investigating the multiple reports of drone sightings in the county over the past week. Delegates were out all night with the Yuma County Sheriff's Office following these drones. Tonight we located over 16 drones in both counties. We believe that drones, although scary, are not malicious in nature. The Sheriff's Office is following clues and communications with state and federal agencies to identify the exact nature of its activities. We will keep you posted as more information becomes available. If any of these drones fly to your property or are looking out the windows, please immediately call the communications center so that a delegate can move to your location. If you happen to be in possession of one of these drones, please contact the Sheriff's Office so we can conduct a forensic drone assessment to identify the owners and take appropriate action.

Drone instructor Angel Andres Rosado suggested that the large number of drones would probably mean some sort of mapping operation.

"When you hear a drone, someone just received a new toy for Christmas and still doesn't know the rules well," he said. "But when you hear 12 and they are flying in formation? Someone is doing some professional work out there, that's my personal opinion anyway."

He also noted that companies that perform such tasks require special licenses to fly their drones in formation or to perform such activities at night and that certain licenses would spare them the need to notify the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prior to each flight. .

"When you get a night license, it basically means you are allowed to fly the drone within certain rules, but it usually doesn't require you to notify the FAA of each flight," he noted.

Not the first sighting

According to newspaper The Denver Post, sightings of similar drones were also reportedly reported in a Nebraska county, adding that although the US Federal Administration, the Department of Narcotic Control (DEA) and the US Armed Forces Command apparently had no information. about the "mysterious flyers", online gossip had already come up with various theories.

"It has to be the work of a Mexican drug cartel," one commentator said in a report from site about previous sightings.

"No, no, they are obviously aliens from a distant galaxy," answered another. "Maybe it's The History Channel looking for lost cities, or farmers trying to track down their cows," others theorized, according to the source.

For now, local authorities are continuing to investigate the matter.

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