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Mozilla Expands Beta Testing of its Firefox Private Network VPN

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Mozilla expande testes beta da sua VPN Firefox Private Network

Mozilla announced the expansion of beta testing of its virtual private network, called Firefox Private Network, and allows users to have encrypted and secure connections using the organization's browser. The service was being tested for a few months in the Firefox Test Pilot Program.


Browser seeks to differentiate itself from Chrome by investing in features to protect the user

The program's new beta testing phase is still relatively limited, with only US users being able to participate. And yet users in this country will only be able to use the free service for a 12-hour period on the desktop version of Firefox, and they need to have a registered browser account.

Official Website: Firefox Private Network

As Tech Crunch explains, Mozilla is working to increase its offer of virtual privacy solutions with the launch of a more complete VPN. This other virtual private network option would be able to encrypt all internet usage and all app information from a Windows 10 operating system device. In the future, the service will be available even on other platforms.

The organization is distributing invitations to this more complete version of the service. The starting price will be $ 4.99 per month. This is the first service Mozilla is charging its users to use. Nevertheless, these prices should change as the service evolves. This is because maintaining a VPN service is relatively expensive, which makes it very difficult to offer it for free.

Source: Tech Crunch

Mozilla is still releasing an update to Firefox Preview, which is the company's next-generation mobile browser. It is based on the GeckoView graphics engine, which is owned by the organization itself.

Firefox Preview is available as a public trial version on Android. The main novelty of the latest release is the inclusion of more robust tracking protection. Features such as a search widget for Android and a redesigned "Submit" tab have also been implemented.

Meanwhile, Mozilla developers are working to add picture-in-picture support to all video sites in Firefox for desktop computers.

Via: Tech crunch


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