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Motorola may launch folding smartphone with Moto Snaps

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Motorola pode lançar smartphone dobrável com Moto Snaps

Motorola recently launched the Razr 2019, the company's first folding smartphone that makes a lot of reference to the 2004 Razr V3. Apparently, this will not be the only model launched in this product line. A patent that had already been registered with the USPTO (US Patent & Trademark Office) in 2018 appeared on WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office), showing a different design for the product with Moto Snaps technology.

According to the images registered and rendered by the Let's Go Digital, the possible Razr of 2020 will bring back the Moto Mods system, or, as it is called in Brazil, Moto Snaps. Motorola would be working to bring the modification system into the central part of the device, where it folds and could add modules for different functions. One of the examples shown in the image below is a fisheye camera.


Device has similar design to the classic Razr V3

Moto Snaps were used in the Moto Z line and functioned as additional features for the smartphone. Thus, the user could choose which functions he was interested in and purchase them separately. The extras ranged from a spare battery, extra manual keyboard, more powerful speakers, to a 360-degree camera. In the case of the next Razr, snaps should have the same functions, but geared to the needs of a folding device.

The patent shows that the next fold can put these additional ones in the center of the apparatus. Another difference is that the registered patent exhibits a two-fold encounter on the fold, unlike the 2019 Razr's uninterrupted folding display. This may indicate a cheaper solution for the device, as a flexible screen is much more expensive. It also shows an external screen, similar to Galaxy Fold, probably for faster operations.

Motorola may launch folding smartphone with Moto Snaps

The design dispenses with the big "chin" we found in the 2019 Razr, but there are significant edges on the top and bottom of the device. It also seems to have a different aspect ratio than a regular smartphone. Apparently it has narrower and longer screens. The purpose is for the spare part on the rear panel to be noticed only when the smartphone is open.

Remember that a patent does not necessarily mean that the device will be released. This is a process by companies to represent the registration of an intellectual patent, to prevent their idea can not be made, if feasible. Nevertheless, this demonstrates that the company is researching a new project.

Via: GSMArena
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