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Most expensive Mac Pro possible for a staggering $ 52,599 – more than a Tesla …

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Mac Pro mais caro possível sai por incríveis US$ 52.599 - mais do que um Tesla Cybertruck

The Mac Pro, as its name suggests, is a professional computer offered by Apple. The new version of the system has several value options, depending on the configuration, and can range from an already impressive $ 6,000 to a whopping $ 52,599. This gives more than $ 217,900, at the current exchange rate of the dollar.

It is normal for products aimed at the professional segment to be more expensive. Apple devices are also expected to have higher price tags. Putting both things together we have the Mac Pro, but the price of over $ 50,000 is still quite impactful, especially when we make some comparisons. Tesla's recently announced Cybertruck, for example, comes out cheaper than that. You can choose the most basic model for $ 39,900 or the two-engine median for $ 49,900. Only Cybertruck's third three-engine option can be more expensive than the Mac Pro for $ 69,900.


The PC is equipped with a 28-core Intel Xeon processor and AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPU

But, after all, what does all this money buy? The processor is an Intel Xeon W Core, which increases the standard price by $ 7,000. Storage reaches 4TB, which makes the price jump another $ 1,400 – highlighting that SSDs with this capacity can be found for a much smaller value. On the graphics side, we have two Radeon Pro Vega II Duo video cards, each with 32GB of RAM, bringing another $ 10,800 worth of Mac Pro.

Now a special highlight goes to computer RAM, offering a much larger capacity than the storage of many notebooks out there. There are 1.5TB of RAM, the sum of 12 modules of 128GB each. RAM alone raises the price of the Mac Pro by $ 25,000. Putting in another $ 2,000 from Apple's optional PCIe accelerator card and another $ 400 for caster casters gives us a total of $ 52,599. And perhaps the most offensive part of all this math is the training wheels, which cost another $ 400 on a computer that already comes out for at least $ 6,000.

Source: Engadget


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