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Microsoft unveils new icons and new Windows 10 logo

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Microsoft revela novos ícones e novo logo do Windows 10

In a new post published on the Medium blog, Microsoft went into detail about designing new icons. This time, instead of just new Office icons, the company showed a wide variety of icon.

Some of the icons shown had previously appeared, such as the new OneDrive icon and products like Microsoft Teams.


Devices will receive update 1909

In the images you can see new icons for Notepad and Paint, which have a more modern look. Other icons, such as the Mobile Plans app, also received more colors.

Microsoft has confirmed in its post that it redesigned more than 100 icons. The company also created a new Windows 10 logo with more colors instead of a single shade of blue.

In the blog, Jon Friedman said taking a 10-product icon theme and scaling it to over 100 was "scary and exciting." This represented a very broad effort for a wide range of company products.

Microsoft unveils new icons and new Windows 10 logo

Different design teams and different product teams had to come together to discuss this, as this was one of the rare times Microsoft struggled to strengthen design consistency for end-consumer, small business, and merchant products. Corporate

The new Windows 10 icons and logo are based on the Microsoft Fluent Design System design language, which aims at “a diverse and yet connected system”. The basic idea is that icons will look the same on a wide variety of devices, screen sizes and formats.

Unfortunately Microsoft did not say when the new icons will be available. They may be introduced through one of the upcoming Windows 10 updates.

Via: Neowin.net Source: Microsoft


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