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MedRoom Uses Virtual Reality to Train Medical Students

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MedRoom utiliza realidade virtual para treinar estudantes de medicina

MedRoom has created a different way to assist the learning of medical students, has created a virtual patient, affectionately called Lucy, that allows the study of the human body in an advanced way. Anatomy studies and the physiology of the human body can be performed more immersively, visualizing each organ with anatomical fidelity attested by Albert Einsten Hospital.

Today, the company has a team of 26 people and the intention is to increase revenues from 1 to $ 5 million by the end of 2019. With the virtual laboratory already installed at the University of Albert Einstein Hospital, at the Pernambucana College of Health in Faminas and Unifaminas, the startup's goal is to expand and reach at least 30 Brazilian medical schools by 2020.

With MedRoom technology, students can see the patient's anatomical structure realistically. In addition, they have the ease of interacting with organs and systems, facilitating learning.


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"Our goal is to help the student consolidate theoretical knowledge to come up with the best prepared practice. We have not come to replace the use of corpses, but rather to add in a step before that. It is much easier to navigate and learn in a controlled environment, on a guided and gamified journey within VR "
Vinicius Gusmão, CEO of MedRoom

Thinking ahead, the executive says that the startup intends to develop simulations of clinical cases. "Students will be able to train how to receive and talk with patients, examine them, make the diagnosis, decide what procedures or measures to take and ultimately achieve the actual procedure," he says.

According to Vinicius, CEO of MedRoom, the potential for exploration of experiences is endless. Sandro Nhaia, CTO of startup, believes that in the colleges where the tool was implemented the feedback from the faculty is very encouraging. He says teachers are in a variety of ways, from studying anatomy and physiology in the virtual body to creating a quiz to validate student knowledge of specific subjects.

Source: MedRoom


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