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Low resolution images of the Galaxy S11 show the various rear cameras

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Imagens em baixa resolução do Galaxy S11 mostram as várias câmeras traseiras

The latest leak from the Samsung Galaxy S11 does not have the best of resolutions, but may have confirmed speculation about rear camera organization. Apparently, the phone should even come with a bulky set of cameras with a bulge and a rectangular lens base.

The leak comes from the Twitter profile of Ice Universe, well known for many other leaks in the smartphone industry and with some credibility in advance information. Check out the tweet that brings together the two images that are circulating.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 should bring really interesting specifications that should characterize the phone as a true top of the line, but the main highlight should be its camera, which is being expected with 108MP and up to 5x zoom.

As the device also gets a processor upgrade, we can expect an overall performance improvement and even recordings of up to 8K 30fps, which would be surprising. It is expected on two processor versions, depending on the region of the globe in which it ships, one with Snapdragon 865 and one with Exynos 990.

Samsung records “Bright Night”, possible
Galaxy S11's new camera sensor

With so many rumors, we have the impression that it will be difficult to be surprised, but there is still much to be revealed. The design itself can bring significant changes, as rumors may not be confirmed and so far are due to specifications and camera. It is also noteworthy that software technologies can be the great differential, Samsung, for example, should bring Bright Night, description for how the mobile phone sensor will act in low light situations.

Another device that stands out for carrying a sensor made by Samsung, the ISOCELL Bright HMX, is the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, recently released by Xiaomi Brazil.

Source: Ice universe


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