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Lords Mobile is receiving a major holiday update

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Lords Mobile está recebendo uma grande atualização de final de ano

Lords Mobile, one of the top free games on Google Play and the App Store today, is receiving a major holiday update. IGG, developer and publisher, is making some improvements to the overall structure, both in the User Interface, as a new year-end special event and some gameplay news.

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The new elements inserted in the game are inspired by Dragon Arena and Strongholds. In this new format, one-on-one battles will be fought where the guilds on each side will be matched. Whoever can occupy the fortress will take the battle points.

The holiday event will also have troop system changes. Now they will not be lost, only wounds, and there is no capacity limit on the ward for soldiers' recovery. Even if players lose, they will still receive Draguites, which can be used to purchase the new exclusive Hero, Meister Boom. Victory points will be higher, but you should check the details in the game.

Lords Mobile is receiving a major holiday update

Notifications have also been added for when Family supportive skills can be used. If the user prefers, he can disable this option within the game under 'Features'. Another addition was in the Battle Skill for Heroes item icons and the names have also been changed.

The game is also allowing the Royal Treasury, Feudal Treasure and the Chalice to be accessed from the start of the event. Now you will also need to acquire a new requirement to perform the migration, you need to collect "extra supplies" before setting off on a new adventure.

Additionally, there is a new Kingdom Map option. To access go to Kingdom Overview, Army Status and toolbar icons after expanding the view (four arrow icon). The toolbar has also been changed, now it has two icons (messages, guild and collapse).

There are a lot of improvements for Lords Mobile gamers. Something that will be noticed right away is in the general user interface, as it has also been changed, so it is different from the previous version of the game. To check out all the news, you can download it for free for both Android at Play Store, like for iOS on App Store

Via: GamesRadar
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