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Lightning nearly hits Peruvian Congress candidate (VIDEO)

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Lightning nearly hits Peruvian Congress candidate (VIDEO)


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The recording shows the politician walking in an intense storm until he suddenly faints and lies flat on the floor.

Johan del Castillo, a Peruvian Congress candidate, was extremely fortunate that he was not directly struck by lightning while walking through a mountainous area in the Peruvian region of Cusco during a heavy storm. The video recorded incident was shared on social networks.

Johan del Castillo can be seen walking through the hills of Quispicanchi Province until, unexpectedly, the man faints and falls to the ground. According to the information provided by agency Andean, the politician threw himself to the ground to protect himself from lightning.

Lightning almost hits candidate for the Peruvian Congress in Cusco.

"I was unconscious in the car and when I woke up I felt a pain in my legs. The lightning could have killed me, I was lucky," said the Peruvian candidate.

According to Castillo, the lightning struck about 400 meters from where he was, and made him feel a great impact accompanied by an intense crash. The politician lost consciousness and, due to the fall, suffered minor injuries to his face.



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