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LG's new UltraFine 4K monitor stands out with incredibly hinged rod

by ace
Novo monitor UltraFine de 4K da LG se destaca com haste incrivelmente articulada

LG announced this week a new 4K monitor in its UltraFine line, the UltraFine Ergo. The product has a very thin screen, but does not seem to draw much attention in the premium segment in which it falls, but the big differential may be in an unexpected part of the monitor: its rod.

The UltraFine Ergo rod is extremely articulated and allows very unusual movements for monitors. This is not just a slight left or right flick, the monitor can rotate around itself and point to completely opposite sides:

But of course no one would invest in an expensive monitor just to keep turning it around. That's why UltraFine Ergo has advanced specifications beyond its 4K resolution. Some highlights:

– 31.5 '' 4K display with 60Hz refresh rate
– Response time up to 5ms
– Brightness up to 350 nits
– 95% DCI-P3 Coverage
– HDR10 compatible
– FreeSync Support
– 2 HDMI ports, 1 DisplayPort port and 1 USB-C

UltraFine Ergo is not yet expected to hit stores and is part of the new line of LG monitors to be unveiled at the upcoming CES. The company, according to The Verge, will also showcase three new gamers monitors during the event. UltraFine Ergo itself may not be the best solution for those who like to invest more in games because of its limited refresh rate and only average response time. Players when investing more in a display generally look for higher refresh rates and shorter response times. But FreeSync compatibility can already be an interesting differentiator for those who like to play from time to time and don't care so much about the performance of the game running.

We should find out more details about Ergo during the CES 2020, which takes place from January 7th to January 10th in Las Vegas. The Connected World should be present to cover the top news from the world's largest annual technology event.

Source: The verge


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