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LG plans to introduce its new 8K TVs during CES 2020 in January

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LG planeja apresentar suas novas TVs 8K durante a CES 2020 em janeiro

In September this year the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) unveiled the industry's official definition and logo for 8K TVs. Despite all the noise Samsung has been making about 8K TVs, LG TVs were the first to be certified.

LG has now confirmed that its CTA-certified 8K TVs will be officially unveiled during CES 2020.


The Consumer Technology Association has released the specifications a screen needs to have to gain its …

According to LG's official statement, their Real 8K TVs were the first to exceed CTA-specific criteria, including resolution, high dynamic range (HDR), upscaling, bit depth, measurement methodology, and more.

The CTA based its definition of 8K on the limit specified by the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM). Contrast modulation (CM) -based measurement guidelines state that the resolution must reach a minimum threshold of 50% CM along with at least 33 million active pixels in order to qualify as 8K UHD. Other standards-setting bodies, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), also use Contrast Modulation as a reference for industry.

Beginning in January 2020, all LG 8K TVs will display the official CTA 8K UHD logo. The company's new 2020 models will be offered in two categories: OLED (LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K) and LCD (LG 8K NanoCell TV) – all delivering CM values ​​in the 90% range.

One thing worth highlighting is that while the CTA standard is designed to help consumers recognize equipment that meets industry requirements, a separate group known as the 8K Association – recognized by Samsung, Hisense, Panasonic, TCL , Intel, and Tencent – also have their own set of 8K TV parameters that do not include minimum contrast modulation values.

CES 2020 will be held January 7-10 in Las Vegas, United States.

Source: Eurogamer, LG
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