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LG introduces new line of LED panels that assemble themselves as wireless modules

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LG Electronics introduced its new LG LED Signage – LSAA Series panels with the Digital Signage solution, which promises even more image quality and ease of installation compared to its previous models. LG LED panels use common cathode D-IC technology, a method in which LEDs are connected to a single pin to avoid unnecessary power consumption, delivering only the voltage each pixel needs.

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Basically, LSAA panels feature a block mounting design that makes it easy to build large screens. LG has designed its solution around a single LED enclosure hub to save time and costs.

According to LG, the solution is designed to distribute power and video signal to other modules connected to the panel without the need for cables, providing content with resolutions up to 4K in the ratio of 16:9. The ability to send and receive wireless signals is due to the company’s contactless connectors, with power being distributed to each module through the pin connectors located at the edges of the LED panel enclosure.

As with other LED panels, it is possible to connect multiple modules to create a large custom panel, in addition, the LSAA Series is equipped with an image processor with AI (Artificial Intelligence). The processor performs a content analysis, recognizes the quality of the original content and through a Deep Learning algorithm determines the best update to sharper images with improved noise reduction.


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Other features built into the LSAA Series are THE HDR10 Pro, LG’s HDR solution that dynamically processes hdr signal frame by frame with Crestron and Cisco Certifications, which offer high compatibility with video conferencing and connectivity systems.

LG’s latest LED signaling solution will be available this second half of 2020.

Source: LG Newsroom


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