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Leak shows possible design of Huawei P40 series

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Vazamento mostra possível design da série P40 da Huawei

A new smartphone rendering leaked on the internet and sources point out that the design would probably be Huawei's next P40 line. According to the brand itself, the next devices to be launched would hit the market with a "design never seen before". Because of this, it is possible that the leaked images are from the next smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer.

By the look of renderings released by OnLeaks and 91Mobiles, Huawei's upcoming smartphones would have curved screens on all four sides. At least the major version of the P40 Pro will have four curved edges on the screen if the images are from the device.

Leak shows possible design of Huawei P40 series

The P40 Pro should feature a glass design with a metal frame in the middle. Because of this, we still don't know what the selfie camera will look like, as the front details are not so noticeable in the images. Curving the top and bottom edges of the screen will help smartphone makers make room in these parts. The leak also shows that smartphones would have a 2mm input at the top edge, without explaining which type specifically.


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The devices would also feature fingerprint sensors on the display, according to the 91Mobiles website. These renderings aren't enough to know what the selfie camera will look like, but they do suggest that Huawei P40 models will have large rectangular rear lens modules. The P40 can have four rear cameras, while the P40 Pro can receive up to five lenses.


New models will have "never before seen design"

Other specifications of the P40 series are also cited by the leakers, such as 6.1 "or 6.2" flat panel for the normal model, and 6.5 inches or 6.7 inches for the Pro model, which, as usual, is always larger than the released standard. Smartphones will also have USB-C connectivity at the bottom, but there is no 3.5mm audio jack on P40 series devices.

Of course, the leaked images are a rendering, so we can't be sure that this will be the final model of Huawei's P40 line to hit the market.

Source: BGR


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