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Large Hadron Collider discovers ‘exotic’ particles never seen before …

by ace

The team of scientists enlisted the help of particle detectors installed in the Large Hadron Collider to discover a new enchanted tetraquark, probably the first in a class of particles never seen before.

“The particles formed by four quarks are already exotic, but we have just discovered, they are the first ones formed by four heavy quarks of the same type, specifically two enchanted quarks and two enchanted antiquarks”, commented the spokesman of the LHCb experiment (Large Hadron Collider beauty), Giovanni Passaleva.

The discovery will help physicists to better understand the nature of ordinary matter particles, such as protons or neutrons, particularly within atomic nuclei.

CERN experiment discovered a new type of tetraquark.

However, scientists admit that, while it is not clear whether the new particle is a “true tetraquark”, that is, a system of four quarks closely linked together, or a pair of particles of two quarks weakly joined in a similar structure to a molecule.

Either way, the new particle will help scientists prove quantum chromodynamic models, which describe one of the fundamental forces, strong interaction, second statement from the European Nuclear Research Center (CERN).

The LHCb is one of eight particle physics detection experiments that collect data on CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

The group of scientists involved, called LHCb Collaboration, built, operated and analyzed the data of the experiment, being composed of approximately 1,260 researchers from 74 scientific institutes, representing 16 countries.


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