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Journalist Jane Slater discovered ex-boyfriend's betrayal of her …

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Jornalista Jane Slater descobriu traição de ex-namorado por dispositivo da Fitbit

THE Fitbit is a technology company that manufactures a variety of technology products geared toward physical activity, with the company's flagships being smart watches and bracelets that monitor user physical activity, syncing data with the Android and iOS app, plus other Fitbit devices.

It's a great way to gift your partner by buying 2 devices and syncing them so that both can have a fitness life together. Perhaps that was the impression Jane Slater, a sports journalist for the NFL Network, had when she received the gift device from an ex-boyfriend in 2014.

Recently a New Year's Eve commercial from Peloton, a company known for manufacturing various physical activity equipment, was the subject of much controversy being accused of being sexist and offensive, for showing her husband presenting his wife with an expensive exercise bike.

In response to the announcement, journalist Jane Slater tweeted that she was not offended when an ex-boyfriend presented her with a Fitbit bracelet until the device revealed that he was cheating on her.

The journalist's tweet reads as follows: "An ex-boyfriend once gave me a Christmas Fitbit. I loved it. We synchronized, motivated each other … didn't hate it until he was missing at 4 am with his activity levels. increasing physics in the app. I wish the story wasn't real. "

She made a point of clarifying that her ex-boyfriend was not a fan of physical activity at dawn: "Spoiler Alert: He was not enrolled in an Orange Theory class at 4 am," she continues on Twitter. Orange theory is a popular academy franchise in the US

Interestingly, Fitbit had already offered the option of tracking sexual activity until things peaked in 2011. That's when data on the sexual activity of some users was supposedly publicly accessible on the Internet, as reported by Kashmir Hill for Forbes. This caused embarrassment for some, compliments for others. Soon after, Fitbit announced that its devices were refraining from tracking sexual activity.

A site survey PubMed reveals the lack of scientific publications relating the data collected from smart bracelets during sexual intercourse, and whether such measurements are unique to them.

It may be that Slater's tweet, which has been retweeted 46,000 times, inspires several people to 'confront' information gathered from their partners' device with at least odd times for an accelerated heartbeat.

Source: sportingnews, forbes


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