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International purchases will require the buyer's CPF or CNPJ from the day …

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Compras internacionais vão exigir CPF ou CNPJ do comprador a partir do dia primeiro

The IRS and the Post Office advise that international purchases now need to be accompanied by either the Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF) number or the National Legal Entity Registration number to be received and reached by the buyer. The data must be provided to the intermediary site, so it is recommended that you update your registration information on the websites where you usually shop online from abroad.

The data will be checked at customs and absence of them can mean non-delivery of orders from abroad. The Post Office also offers a way to inform the CPF or CNPJ after purchase if this is not done with the order. For this, you need to go to the company page and access the option "My Imports".

This information must be provided at the time of purchase online and forwarded along with the order in your shipping. If not informed at the time of purchase, or the sender does not forward the data with the shipment, the Post Office has a tool to provide this information on the website, through tracking or the portal "My Imports".
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It is also explained that after this step it will be necessary to register on the Portal, setting login and password informing the CPF (individual), CNPJ (legal entity) or Passport Number (foreign) next. To assist the registration process, a video was made on the Post Office website explaining why it is now mandatory to inform this data and explaining how the "my imports" tool works. The video also points out that those who made a purchase before the period must also enter the post office portal to update the registration.

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