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Intel has already produced 10 million SSDs with QLC NAND technology

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Intel announced that it has already produced more than 10 million SSDs using QLC 3D NAND technology, a memory standard that offers the most cost-effective production and guarantees performance for the end user. The manufacturing milestone was reached last week and, according to the company, shows the brand's experience in the storage hardware segment.

"Many talked about QLC technology, but Intel was able to deliver, and at scale," said Dave Lundell, director of Strategic SSD Planning for Customer and Product Marketing at Intel.

The QLC 3D NAND memory standard is used by Intel in products such as the SSDs of the Intel SSD 660p and Intel SSD 665p lines, in addition to the Intel Optane Memory H10 series solutions. According to the company, the demand for products with technology has grown in the market.

Intel 660p line features QLC 3D NAND technology. (Image: Intel / Disclosure)

"We saw strong demand for the economical capacity of our standalone QLC SSD (Intel SSD 660p and 665p) and the performance of our Intel Optane Technology + QLC solution (Intel Optane Memory H10)," said the executive.

Thanks to the 10 million SSDs produced, QLC technology is consolidated in Intel's storage solutions catalog and should ensure that new products with the standard reach the market. In addition, we can also expect developments in technology, which should ensure SSDs with better cost-effectiveness in the future.


Company plans confirm launch of 144-layer NAND QLC in 2020

O 2TB Intel 665p, The most powerful SSD based on the standard today, delivers up to 2,000MB / s sequential read and 1,925MB / s sequential write. The speed represents a slight evolution compared to the 1,800MB / s of read / write present in the models of the 660p series, but it is accompanied by other great evolutions, like 50% more resistance.

Now we have to wait and see what the company has to offer with the QLC 3D NAND standard in the coming years.

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