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Instagram Creates New Features to Help Covid-19 Quarantine

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Instagram Creates New Features to Help Covid-19 Quarantine

Instagram is working to help people with social distance due to Covid-19. The company's novelties are related to combating disinformation and also to the creation of new resources to keep people entertained at home.

One of the main news is Co-Watching, users can add several friends in the same call and browse posts with the chat going. The resource can be accessed through the network's Direct option and tapping the photo icon at the bottom left to start the video. You can share saved, liked, and recommended group posts.

Another point reinforced by the social network is the fight against disinformation, when researching subjects related to Covid-19, the main portals on the subject are presented and with verified posts. There is also an indication at the top showing the official federal portal, here in Brazil there is an indication of the Ministry of Health website. In addition, tags like "Stay at home" help people in sharing a positive attitude to promote social distance.

Instagram Creates New Features to Help Covid-19 Quarantine

Content with false, dubious information and other disinformation about the pandemic that has left more than 15,000 dead worldwide is being removed. With more aggressive moderation, posts classified as fake are removed from main pages and hashtags, as explained by an Instagram spokesman recently to The Verge. Conspiracy theories and claims that are not compatible with the guidelines of major global health organizations are excluded as soon as they are detected.

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Instagram was already penalizing false information related to the new coronavirus, prohibiting misleading ads for products that claim miraculous cures, also started to prevent ads marking the subject as those offering medical supplies, face masks and hand sanitizer. Augmented reality effects with the Covid-19 theme have also been disabled, they are possible only if created in partnership with WHO.

Via: The Verge


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