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Insta360 will launch combination of 360º camera, drone, action cam and camera with …

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Insta360 vai lançar combinação de câmera 360º, drone, action cam e câmera com sensor de 1

Well-known for its 360-camera devices, Insta360 is now preparing to launch a unique gadget, according to the company, will be a combination of drone, 360 camera, action cam and a one inch sensor camera. The company ran a product teaser on its social networks, placing each of these gadgets in a blender and alternating with catches made with them. Check out the teaser trailer being unveiled on Insta360's social networks.

At the end of the video is revealed the official presentation date of the 4 in 1 device, January 7, 2020, which coincides with the start of CES 2020. Despite the date, according to DroneDJ website, the company is not on the watch list. This also makes the moment less favorable.

Vaza image of the alleged camera
fully modular Insta360 One R

For now, it is a little difficult to imagine what a piece would look like, there are many functions grouped in one gadget. Maybe you have more than one camera, you can switch between them, and all of this being a drone. A shared image by Daniël de Ruiter, Dutch drone rider, shows a DJI Inspire 2 with a 360º camera in a very interesting but expensive combination. The Insta360 alternative is expected to be more affordable and create new possibilities for cameraman pilots.

As Insta360 is preparing to launch a fully modular camera in the wake of a recent leak, it is possible that this new gadget discussed in this news release is the long-awaited One R and could be attached to a company drone that launched together. Although this is new, there are still a lot of details to be revealed, as the Insta360 has cameras of the most diverse specifications, including wearable and rugged portable cameras capable of generating 8K video. Anyway, we are always keeping an eye on the company's releases, follow the Insta360 tag and know do not miss the details about the products announced by it.

Via: DroneDJ Source: Insta360


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