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IBM discovers iodide battery technology that would be superior to current

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IBM descobre tecnologia de bateria de iodeto que seria superior à atual

IBM scientists have developed a new battery technology that can outperform today's most widely used lithium-ion design. This new model from the US manufacturer does not use heavy metals and would be a more sustainable alternative to what we use today.


System uses an IoT device in conjunction with the IBM blockchain

To bring this technology from labs to practical applications, IBM executives have signed development agreements with Mercedes-Benz Research, Developtment North America and Sidus.

At first, this new battery technology would have applications in industries such as automotive and smart grids, for example. IBM's alternative would be superior to what other companies have already developed, which include the use of materials such as nickel and cobalt – bringing humanitarian and environmental risks.

Source: IBM Research

Instead, IBM Research researchers developed a battery design that uses iodide as the active cathodic material. This element can be extracted from the seawater itself.

By combining this cathode material with a new proprietary electrolyte formulation, it was possible to develop high performance, non-flammable batteries. This results in a material that is considered highly promising for the transportation and energy industries.

Starting with electric vehicles, which can benefit from some of the features of the IBM model. These include its low chance of ignition, its low cost and its fast charge time.

According to scientists, this model could only take 5 minutes to reach an 80% load. All of these elements are problems today for expensive lithium-ion batteries, slow to recharge, and still flammable.

For use in power grids and smart grids, the IBM model benefits from its long life cycle. As such, it is stable enough to be more sustainable, have less impact and be a cheaper option for this use case.

Via: Solar power world
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