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IAG Cargo carrier tests freestanding logistics drones

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Transportadora IAG Cargo testa drones autônomos para logística

Carrier IAG Cargo carried out tests with autonomous drones in warehouses in Madrid, Spain, and was successful in the contract. According to the company, the use of technology for logistics has generated positive results and the company will continue to invest in the novelty during the year 2020.

IAG Cargo used the standalone drone system developed by FlytBase. The company deployed the flying devices to perform tasks such as counting objects, detecting empty spaces on warehouse shelves, and scanning barcodes.

Because drones can move quickly in many directions, their use for logistics was of great use. Following successful testing in Madrid, IAG Cargo estimates that adopting standalone technology could help the company save an average of 6,500 hours in bar code registration.


Difference between the two models is in the camera, and in price!

As DroneDJ explains, FlytBase's technology for standalone devices is equipped with machine learning. That is, the trend is that the technology will be improved over the years, with the popularization of the use of drones for logistics. The model used by IAG is a modified version of the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. The device has camera that records in 4K, if you need to analyze any package or merchandise quickly, and battery 30 minutes. According to the firm, the aircraft can even fly to recharge automatically when it is about to run out of power.

IAG Cargo said all the tests done so far on standalone drones have been successful and more experiments with the technology will be done next year. Now it's waiting to see if the company will adopt the news throughout its transportation chain in the future.

Via: Drone DJ


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