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Hyundai makes $ 52 billion investment in electric and flying cars

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Hyundai faz investimento de U$52 bilhões em carros elétricos e voadores

Hyundai Motor has announced a really big investment in vehicle development in the United States, according to the company, $ 52 billion will go to flying, autonomous and electric cars. The Kia owner, also known in the industry, aims to become a mobile pioneer in the not too distant future, moving from an automaker to a "smart mobility solution provider" by 2025.

Hyundai is working on developing a mysterious vehicle, which it is calling a personal air vehicle. The South Korean giant is planning a debut on the autonomous steering platform in 2022, with mass production of these cars by 2024. The idea is that each of its cars will provide tier 2 or 3 autonomous driving skills by 2025.

If the manufacturer's predictions are correct, 5 years from now we will hear about this kind of vehicle in a much more popular way than we are used to. The interesting thing would be to know the plans of these companies for Brazil, something that should take even longer to have wide acceptance.

Elon Musk explains why the glass of the
Cybertruck broke in the presentation

In any case, the next step for the auto industry does indeed seem to be the manufacture of electric cars, and for that it is necessary to develop technology, build a factory and prepare skilled labor. In the race for popularization of this type of vehicle, we always remember Tesla Motors, one of the pioneers and that has been present in several segments, reinforcing its line with news all the time.

The latest addition to the eccentric billionaire's company is the Cybertruck, an electric vehicle that, despite bringing many cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge materials, has caught the eye for its design. It has attracted so much attention that Dubai police recently announced that it will use the vehicle as a reinforcement in the city as soon as it goes out for manufacturing. In addition, for Tesla, it will probably be highly profitable, as pre-sales alone have ordered 200,000 Cybertrucks.

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