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Huawei's new patent reveals Zenfone style triple flip camera phone 6

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Nova patente da Huawei revela celular com câmera tripla

Huawei has filed a new patent in China that may indicate the company's plans to create a flip camera phone in a style very similar to that of Zenfone 6. The folks at LetsGoDigital did what they always do and created some images. rendered simulating what the device would look like based on patent information, and the result can be quite interesting:

The patent appears to have been registered in January, but was published by the agency responsible only this month. As ironic as a patent being registered so clearly based on another company's model, it appears that the property was granted to Huawei. You can see from the images a subtle difference in design, though. The final set of cameras looks much more horizontal, implementing three different sensors in the mechanism.

Huawei's new patent reveals Zenfone style triple flip camera phone 6

Of course, the registration of a patent is not absolute certainty of its use in a new device. We may be seeing here records of Huawei's ideas for a potential successor to the P Smart Z, as it appeared earlier, another record in which only one of the cameras in the set would flip up to be used as a selfie, which would make the device a little more different from Zenfone 6.


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You can't tell from the record whether Huawei also intends to adopt the same versatility as the Asus device, which lets you use cameras in different positions of your range of motion, which offers a good range of ideas for taking photos in different ways. Anyway, we should have more information by 2020, perhaps in February, when the Mobile World Congress 2020 (MWC) will take place.

Source: GizmoChina
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