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Huawei wants to have alternative to Google apps within 8 days

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Huawei quer ter alternativa a apps do Google dentro de 8 dias

Huawei would be looking to develop alternatives to Google Mobile Services (GMS), which is considered essential for Android – including Maps, Google Drive and Gmail. According to the Economic Times, the manufacturer has been working closely with developers in India to create their own alternatives and these apps – with them coming by default.


Update based on Android 10 began to be released in September this year.

The reason for this, of course, is the unstable trade relations between the United States and China, which in 2019 made Huawei banned from installing Google's proprietary software on its smartphones.

"We have our own Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and we are trying to create a mobile ecosystem. Most key applications like navigation, payments, games and messaging will be ready by the end of December."
Huawei and Honor CEO in India, Charles Peng

Source: Huawei

Google has a broad and diverse ecosystem of apps that come pre-installed on Android, including: Google Play Games, Maps, Gmail, Pay, YouTube, and Play Store. Huawei seeks to create alternatives for all these apps. For this, the Chinese manufacturer is negotiating with developers of the 150 most relevant applications in India.

"We will create an end-to-end business model with developers and content and service providers. We will deliver value for them."
Huawei and Honor CEO in India, Charles Peng

The idea is that these alternative apps will be available on the Huawei App Gallery, which is the company's alternative to the Google Play store. The company is offering heavy incentives to Indian developers who want to integrate their applications with Huawei Mobile Services through a $ 1 billion fund that was created for the purpose of replacing GMS.

Meanwhile, however, Honor and Huawei's CEO in India, Charles Peng, has already confirmed that Honor's next smartphone will come with Google Mobile Services.

Via: GSMArena Source: Economic Times
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