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Huawei may launch monitors soon, in three price ranges

by ace

Huawei may be planning to enter the display market with three new models being launched at the same time. This is what the rumors and leaks of the moment indicate, which point to the launch of three monitors soon, one for each price segment: an entry, an intermediate and a premium.

Unfortunately we don’t have much information beyond that. The image above is a screenshot taken from the Chinese social network Weibo, where it was disclosed by a “leak” that Huawei’s three monitors are due to arrive soon, also indicating that they can be revealed at the same time.

Of course, the word of just one user on the Internet is not enough to be promoted to “rumor” or “speculation, but there has been talk for some time about the possibility of Huawei facing the competitive market of monitors offering its own products. moment, we had the leak that one of these display models can come with 32 inches using lighting technology similar to miniLED. It was also mentioned that monitors may have some integration with the Huawei ecosystem, and may have some functionality synchronized with cell phones from the company.

At the moment we do not have any official disclosure by Huawei indicating the existence, in fact, of these monitors. It is always interesting when a company focused on a product line tries to expand its portfolio, so let’s keep an eye out for future news on these possible displays.

Source: GizmoChina


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