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Huawei introduces Petal Search, a service that helps users find apps

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  • Huawei is sending a new service to its smartphones, along with the latest update
  • Petal Search helps users find apps, even if they are not yet available on the official Huawei AppGallery store
  • The goal is to offer a wider range of functionality options to its customers
  • Huawei has been banned from having relations with U.S. companies, which excludes the possibility of maintaining Android services on its devices

Huawei has announced that it is adding the Petal Search service to its devices. It is a search engine, which helps users find apps and other tools that are not present at Huawei AppGallery, which is the company’s app store service. The goal is to increase the distribution catalog, made available by the company.

Since the current U.S. President Donald Trump signed a restrictive order, Huawei has not been able to have business relationships with U.S. companies. This includes Google, the technology giant, which provided the operating system used by the Chinese. Android, together with the Play Store, integrated all Chinese mobile devices. With the disruption, it was necessary to find alternatives to solve this problem.

Huawei is a rising Chinese company. During the past few years it has consolidated itself as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, being one of the protagonists of the 5G distribution in the world. The US restrictive order forced the company to create its own operating system. The new software is based on Android and features Crucial HMS Core and Huawei AppGallery, which are alternatives to Google Play Services and Google Play Store, respectively.


Trump administration discussed a series of strategies to create competition against Huawei

The big problem faced by these services is the lack of applications, games and other tools, which are compatible with the Huawei store. Petal Search comes to solve this problem. Although this store is constantly receiving news, many systems are still missing, such as WhatsApp itself. The solution is for users to search online sites for what they want to install and do it independently.

Even though there are ways to get around problems, not all applications have this option and there is no concrete security system for these apps. Smartphones end up being more vulnerable to scams and installing malware. In addition, there are many customers who do not find its functionality, as they do not have much knowledge in independent installations.

Petal Search is an application entirely developed by Huawei, created to solve this problem. It is mainly dedicated to users who do not have much knowledge about alternative means of distributing applications. It helps customers find what they are looking for with a simple search engine, similar to what is done by PlayStore. The big difference is that the targeting will be made to other media, which are not yet available on the AppGallery.

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This is expected to be available only as long as the Huawei store faces these problems. Therefore, it will not be a permanent solution. The system was developed only to simplify and resolve the lack of compatibility with many applications. Petal Search is being implemented on devices with the latest EMUI update.

The update is being sent little by little, but if a customer wants to install the functionality immediately, just access this link. Despite being targeted at Huawei, other smartphones, from various brands, can also use the functionality.

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