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Huawei confirms that HarmonyOS will be available on smartphones by 2020

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Huawei confirma que o HarmonyOS estará disponível em smartphones em 2020

Dr. Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei Convergent Communications Product Line, recently revealed at a conference that the HarmonyOS operating system will finally come pre-installed on some smartphones from 2020.


Device brings a good balance between features and price

He emphasized that HarmonyOS will not replace Android. In addition, Android is still Huawei's favorite operating system and remains the foundation for most of its devices.

One of the highlights is that HarmonyOS will be traded internationally rather than only locally in China as before. Dr. Wang also announced that the operating system will be officially offered as open source from August next year.

Joy Tan, Huawei's senior vice president of public affairs, said in an interview that HarmonyOS has fewer lines of code and greater security. Counterpoint Research says the operating system is expected to outperform Linux by the end of 2020 and become the fifth most popular smart digital terminal operating system.

With the confirmation that HarmonyOS will be pre-installed on a smartphone from 2020, the question remains whether it will be featured on high-end models or if it will be something for more modest handsets. Remember that Samsung's Tizen also came pre-installed on their smartphones, but only on the company's Z-line models. Huawei's operating system seems to have great potential, so it would be interesting to see it on an important device.


System focuses on flexibility to work on different device types

Presented at the Huawei Developers Conference in August 2019, HarmonyOS is named after the company's goal of providing a flexible and adaptable system for different devices, not just smartphones. Huawei's idea with its operating system is to have a platform that can work on a variety of connected and IoT devices such as TVs, tablets, laptops and even cars.

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