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GTC Digital gives free access to lectures, podcasts and other content about …

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GTC Digital gives free access to lectures, podcasts and other content about ...

The traditional Nvidia Enterprise event, the GTC (GPU Technology Conference), will be entirely digital, due to the increase in cases of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). The Digital GTC will have free subscriptions and it will happen online, from March 24th to April 8th. Several training options for developers, researchers and scientists will be offered.

Official GTC 2020 website
Free registration

The hundreds of speakers who would hold the event live, will continue to participate in the project, but at a distance. Among the topics covered are: artificial intelligence, data science, deep learning and HPC.


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In order to include a larger portion of the audience, content such as podcasts and lectures on general subjects, of equal importance, was also added. An example are themes such as the participation of women in science, among other subjects.

Registration for the event is free and can be done on this link. You just need to create an account, with your email and password. After that, access to the content is released. It is a great opportunity to fill the quarantine vacancy.

GTC Digital Timeline:
– March 24 to April 8: Live webinars with 17 1-hour sessions, on the topics: data science, conversational AI, edge computing, deep learning, VAT, autonomous machines and much more. Live webinars will be converted to content on demand and published within 48 hours.
– March 25 to April 10: ‘Connect with experts’ features 38 1-hour sessions, where attendees can chat individually with NVIDIA experts in a virtual classroom. Topics include conversational AI, recommendation systems, deep learning training and development of autonomous vehicles.

This will be an atypical year for the GTC, traditionally it takes place in person, for five days. It is held in the USA, in San Juan, California. It is considered a major event in the technological market, responsible for presenting the latest technological innovations to the world. Several important speakers are gathered for the environment, who speak and instruct future professionals in the field.


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