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Google Maps will have feature to highlight brighter streets

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Google Maps terá recurso para destacar ruas mais iluminadas

Google Maps is among the most popular navigation apps, with millions of users relying on it for their daily commute through familiar routes, as well as guiding them into areas they don't know so well.


You do not need to access the site to edit your public profile.

For those cases when you are visiting a new area for the first time, Google has worked to introduce features such as a Translate button for names and addresses, the ability to find compatible charging points for your electric vehicle, and even alerts you when. your taxi leaves the route.

Google is now preparing to introduce a new feature for Google Maps called "Illumination" to help users avoid dimly lit streets at night.

The new feature was discovered in a trial version of the app. Google Maps v10.31.0 beta contains hints that Google is working on a new feature that will help make your night trips a little safer.


Application now gives more information about the path traveled to the final destination

According to the descriptions, the new “Illumination” feature will highlight streets that have good illumination with a yellow highlight and they will be classified as “well lit”, “bad or non-existent illumination” and “no illumination information”. This will help users avoid streets with little or no lighting.

As the feature is under development, images of it in use are not yet available. There is no evidence yet to confirm that this feature will be available to the app in all regions or if it will be restricted to a limited number. It may be available first in India and only later in other regions.

It is not immediately clear how Google will collect data on streetlights and how the company will keep this data updated in real time.

It's important to note that Google has not officially announced this new feature yet, so plans may change.

Source: XDA Developers


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