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Google Introduces Google Station Features in Sao Paulo

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Google apresenta funcionalidades do Google Station em São Paulo

In June this year, Google introduced Google Station to Brazil, a platform for deploying high-quality Wi-Fi internet access points, with the goal of making connectivity accessible to everyone. The first city in the country to receive the news was São Paulo, where there are already more than 200 points in public spaces such as parks (Ibirapuera and Chico Mendes), squares (Largo da Concórdia and Praça Silva Teles) and CPTM train stations (Companhia Metropolitan Trains), besides the Municipal Market and the MASP.

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Last week, in partnership with Linktel, Google launched a campaign to invite more users to access the product, which is available at 24 train stations in Sao Paulo. The campaign features OOH print and digital media formats at major train stations, as well as an impact on social media with a focus on geolocation, only for people within 1 km of the stations.

In addition, since December 2, CPTM's Emerald Line compositions feature special adhesives, promoter lounges and toy machines to guide people on how to connect using Google Station. On the Google Station site, you can see the map with all Wi-Fi hotspots.

Google Introduces Google Station Features in Sao Paulo

Google Station enables Internet service providers to set up, maintain and monetize their Wi-Fi networks. We plan to continue working with partners to launch hundreds of Google Station locations across Brazil by the end of 2020, thus connecting millions of Brazilians. Globally, Google Station today serves more than 10 million active users at 1,300 locations in India, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Vietnam, and now Brazil.

Internet access aids the development of cities by enabling agility and convenience services to be performed, as well as helping to improve the quality of life for people in general. With many people on the globe still without access to the world wide web, Elon Musk, the eccentric billionaire owner of Tesla and other tech giants, plans to use SpaceX, his space company, to send satellites into space and provide internet to the entire world. planet.

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