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Google, Amazon and Apple to Create Open Standard for IoT

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Google, Amazon e Apple criarão padrão aberto para Internet das Coisas

Three tech giants have made an announcement that promises to be of great relevance to the future of connected homes. Apple, Google and Amazon have announced that they will work to create an open source technology standard for IoT, making it easier to implement smart home solutions.

These companies are largely responsible for making homes smarter in recent years, Google and Amazon mainly for their voice assistants, starting the phrase with "Hey, Google" and "Alexa" was in this decade something that changed great details of many people. Other companies besides Apple should participate in this standardization, you can check out the press release at this address.

Google introduces features
from Google Station in Sao Paulo

One of the big names to participate is the Zigbee Alliance, a foundation that also brings Samsung together with its SmartThings division. The alliance also involves names such as IKEA, NXP Semiconductors and Silicon Labs. The main goal is to create a standard for smart homes that uses IP, Internet Protocol. Google has been using the protocol since 2011, which allows you to maintain data security by ensuring that information travels between devices without major breaches.

Because there are currently more complex solutions, including the use of cloud services, it is important that there is a standard for devices to be able to talk smoothly. This should make it easier not only for the consumer, but also for developers and businesses themselves, who should be able to sell their products without major compatibility issues. For a smart home, having the advantage that you can aggregate any creation of another business should become a big differentiator in the future.

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