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Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ 5G versions will only receive Android 10 in 2020

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Versões 5G do Galaxy Note 10 e Note 10+ só vão receber o Android 10 em 2020

Buyers of more expensive devices can often be reassured about updates, as most companies focus on bringing the latest versions of Android to their high-performance devices first. But this was not the case with the 5G versions of the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+, currently the most expensive handsets in Samsung's entire line. While the 4G versions of these phones have already received Android 10, the update will only arrive for 5G models next year in 2020.

Along with the update to Android 10, the device will be upgraded to One UI 2.0 as well, which may be another reason users of these devices are in a hurry to receive the update. Samsung has issued a statement apologizing for the delay, but has not yet set a specific date for the update to arrive, only stating that it intends to offer the update "as early as possible next year".

The manufacturer could not explain why the delay, but GSMArena people speculate that there is some difficulty with 5G support, which would make sense. Technology development is proceeding at a rapid pace, but you can't even consider it a mainstream feature. Not only is Samsung delayed in bringing Android 10 to a 5G version of the same handset that already received it in the 4G model, so one can imagine that connectivity is the reason for that.


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But we can see a trend, through rumors and announcements, of 5G being a much more prominent presence on next year's handset models, perhaps with some not even offering a variant. If so, the expectation is that manufacturers no longer have to delay bringing updates for these devices as well.

Source: GSMArena


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