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Future smartphone chargers will charge 80% of the battery in 60 seconds

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Futuros carregadores para smartphones carregar√£o 80% da bateria em 60 segundos

Charging your smartphone for more than 1 hour should be a thing of the past soon. That's what Professor Huang Yunhui of China University of Science and Technology is planning with his recent research demonstrated at the Peking University Global Alumni Forum on the first of this month.


New ultra-fast charging technology would have 120W chargers

In this project, Chinese researchers demonstrated a new technology that charges 80% of a smartphone battery in 60 seconds, which was described by the developers who attended the forum as "unbelievable". The technology has been demonstrated on the Huawei P30 handset. There were also demos on smartphones from Oppo and TCL.

The major focus of the research is future smartphones that will use 5G technology. It is believed that with the use of 5G technology, these future devices will need a quick charge. Need that Chinese researchers are confident of overcoming soon.

The new research and technology demonstrated is based on the "High Performance Composite Electrode Materials Construction and Synergy Mechanism for Energy Storage", which won the second National Natural Science award in 2016.

The secret lies in the material used, which is known as the nitrogen-doped hard carbon anode, which has the highest known capacity to charge the battery.

Currently, Xiaomi and Vivo are also working on their fast loading technologies. Vivo claims the company is working on 120W fast charging technology. At the same time, Xiaomi has also introduced a special technology that can charge a smartphone with a 4,000 mAh battery in just 17 minutes. Xiaomi presented its 100 W fast charging technology at the developer conference.

Fast charging technology seems to improve over time and is considered better than wireless charging. Fast charging technology has also become very successful due to the lack of time and the need for the device. And if it depends on the Chinese researchers, the time we will wait to charge the battery of our devices will be considerably less in the not too distant future.

Source: Channelnews


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